Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pillow Gallery

Way back in 2009, Christy from Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time made a great skirt from the coolest fabric I'd ever seen.  Even though cards and chess aren't my thing, I was drawn to this fabric--such cool colors and graphics and...PRETZELS!

I sent Christy an email, asking if maybe, just maybe, she had any scraps left.  She DID!  And she sent them to me!  Finally, three years later, I used the biggest piece to make a pillow for the guest room bed.  The pretzels didn't make it onto the front of the pillow, so I immortalized them on the back.

I love this little gallery of a few of my favorite vintage prints!  Maybe one day I'll follow up by getting some up swatches up on the wall as well.  It's a shame to keep them stashed away in a bin.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love all your cushions. My favourite is the blue mushrooms, though the chess and pretzel fabric is pretty amazing too.

Anonymous said...

Love the pillows!!

I think you need one of fish & chips. Do you still have that pic in the kitchen?!


Anonymous said...

I'm missing a new post, Petunia. :)


:o) mg said...

We miss you when you are gone. But we understand. Hope all is well.

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