Saturday, May 17, 2008

Before. During. After.

I bought this top at Salvation Army, knowing it would need help. I didn't like the sleeves, and I really, really didn't like the fit. Pinching in the back and folding up the sleeves in the dressing room helped me envision it after a few modifications.

To resize the shirt, I used a tutorial I found online (and which I can't find right now, but when I do, I'll provide a link). This tutorial has you remove the sleeves and open the size seams to begin. I liked this method, because it really takes it down to basics. Once you have the shirt carved up, you use a shirt that fits well as a template. Darn, I really need to find that tutorial. Looking... looking...OH! Here it is! Anyway, the body of the shirt was resized, the sleeves were resized (and shortened), and then the sleeves were sewn back on.

Finally, I thought it needed a little something to give it some zing and to put a little color near my face. Using the Boden kids' t-shirts as inspiration (and as a pattern for the whale), I added an applique.

Funny thing is, I am scared to death to sew anything from scratch using a knit, but I have no fears at all when I'm "just changing a few things" on an existing garment!

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