Thursday, May 8, 2008

Might As Well Face It

This skirt needed refashioning because it had two strikes against it in its previous incarnation:
1. It fell to mid calf.
2. It's bias cut, and the waist and hip area looked horrible, encased as it was.

So, I decided to shorten it from the top down.

Cutting the top off was easy enough--I took off about eight inches--but eight inches is a lot, so I needed to take in the sides. My first try was a mistake, because I didn't line up the tiers. (What was I thinking?)

Once I had the tiers lined up and the sides taken in, I had to decide what to do about the waist. The original skirt had a side zipper, but I was kind of hoping I could put in elastic and leave juuuuust enough room to pull it over my hips. I wasn't sure how that would look, though, so I went with putting in a new zipper.

The zipper went in easily enough. I confess, I'm not all that particular about how it looks. If it goes up and down and holds the skirt closed, I'm good. But then came the fun part. What I intended to do was finish off the waist with double fold bias tape. What actually happened was a disaster. The fabric went all stretchy on me. I bailed out of that method after making it about 1/4 of the way around. --sigh--

At this point I wanted to screw the whole thing into a ball and mash it into the trash can, but I knew what had to be done: I had to make a facing. So, there it is, all zippery and facingy and finally finished!


Heather said...

Good for you to stick with it and finish it up. I felt the same way part way through trying to figure out how to make cloth diapers for my new granddaughter. The only thing that prevented me from chucking it all in the garbage was that I had promised my son and DIL that I would try and make some.

Darling Petunia said...

I looked at your blog, Heather, and the diapers came out great! Cute baby, too, and you have a CAT! Also checked out some of the other are really talented!