Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Ran Away

Gerry and I ran away yesterday, to a lovely spot in Lancaster County. We call it the bed and breakfast, but it's really my brother's house. Well THAT isn't my brother's house, it's a cave he built in his backyard.

One of my favorite things to do when we visit my brother is run around to all the thrift shops. I was hoping to stock up on bias tape and zippers, but I didn't run into any good deals. I dragged home some other fun stuff, though! Anyone else remember those sewing kits from home ec class? Everything you need to make a pillow is in there, except the stuffing. I made a monkey pillow back in 1981. And the fabric...six whole yards for $6! Patterns for ten cents each! I balked a little at spending $2.97 for a thrift shop craft kit, but I couldn't pass up the mama cat with kittens that attach with velcro. Aww. And pink velvet ribbon! And a kit to make an embroidered mushroom picture! Oh happy day!

So, did anyone miss me? :-)


Julie said...

That's beautiful there!!!!

Elisa (orig. from Franklin, WI) said...

lol. I made a monkey back in high school too. How interesting that you found those. I have never seen them outside of high school. Love your blog.