Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Much Appreciated

I'm glad people like my blog. :-)

Solveig of Made by Petchy, to whom I am ALWAYS referring and linking, picked me as an "inspiring" blog. --blush--

And Jesica picked me 'cause she likes my crafty stuff. --shucks--

I like them too. I think they're both inspiring and all around cool people, and I like checking in on their blogs pretty much every day. Solveig has been in a crafting frenzy lately! Check out her blog if you need some motivation. And Jesica...she's been busy in the kitchen. Gerry and I have been slacking with our meal posts over on our CSA blog, but Jesica has been cooking!

It's nice to have someone tell you they enjoy your blog, but I'm going to detour from the rules a little and refrain from choosing a new round of winners. I know, I know...I should play along. Hopefully you all won't label me a wet blanket, but I'm going to break the chain.

I do, however, enjoy links as much as anyone, so I'm going to make an effort to share more of my favorites. I'm just going to let things unfurl more organically, so to speak. I hope that's okay.

Susan aka Darling Petunia


Jesica said...

Well poo! You're no fun. I wanted to see what you were reading.

Guess I'll wait for the links.

Darling Petunia said...

:-P to you, Jesica! You know how contrary I am!