Saturday, August 16, 2008

Identity Crisis

I was starting to have an identity crisis, because almost three weeks have passed since I made a skirt! Simplicity 4695 has been on my mind ever since I used the yoke piece to refashion this skirt. I'd made it once before, and I really liked how it came out, but it was too big.

I still wear it, of course, but it sits really low on the hips and is constantly getting turned around. It probably goes through three full revolutions during a day at work!

Summer is still in full swing here, so I decided to use a bright, floral pique for my second go at it. I also resolved to sew the whole thing using the scary Bernina. It took me a good bit longer to complete, because I had to keep looking things up in the manual: How do you thread this thing again? Which way does the bobbin thread go? The first really big obstacle was figuring out how to finish edges. Turns out I didn't have the foot I needed, so I improvised with a zig zag. Putting in the zipper really had me nervous, but it worked out fine once I figured out how to move the needle!

Good grief, I guess I should have ironed it!

A touch of orange!


Sunny said...

I love the skirts! I love Berninas too. They are great machines.

Columbia Lily said...

This is a really cute skirt!

Darling Petunia said...

Thanks, Sunny and Lily! What a picture we all make together--sunshine and flowers!