Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cutting My Losses

I am so mad right now, because I feel like I wasted my whole day. Okay, I didn't waste the entire day. I did some laundry, got our suitcases put away, and generally tidied up around the house. But then I felt like I should sew something.

That says it all. I should sew something. I haven't made anything since before we went on vacation, so it seemed like I should get back to it. Only we're between the seasons. And I wasn't in the mood. And I'm wearing a new retainer that's making my teeth hurt and making me cranky.

So is it any surprise that things didn't go well? I had this pattern that looked like it might have some potential--a McCall's "Show Me" pattern from the late seventies/early eighties. This is what reeled me in, a line drawing from the instructions:

It kind of reminded me of that Built By Wendy top. Sleeves puffed with elastic, no separate sleeve pieces, gathered neckline. Well, thank goodness I didn't use fabric I liked, because this thing looks like a cross between a potato sack and a scrub top. Even though I made it a size smaller than the envelope said I should, it is so incredibly voluminous that (get this) it actually looks better tucked in. Considering it's been a good two decades since I wore a shirt tucked in, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that this pattern looks better that way. I have no intention of tucking a shirt in ever again, however, so I bailed on this top before I even finished it. Blech.


Myra said...

You know, that's how I feel about most tunics that are out today, the ones with the yoke and gathers or pleats below the yoke, but above the chest. Maternity tops look better on me.

The Clarks said...

The line drawing does look like it would be cute. That is a bummer.

Laine said...

Aww, no action shot?

Columbia Lily said...

that sucks that it didn't work..I hate it when I spend a long time on something that looks good on me in my head - but not great when I've spent a lot of time on it. Put it away for a while, maybe when your teeth hurt less it can become something awesome. =) Good luck!