Friday, September 26, 2008

Lowbrow Reading

I'm almost ashamed to admit to what I've been reading lately, but in the interest of full disclosure:

Sisters by Danielle Steel--Yes, I read another one, and I don't even have the excuse of having never read one before. Just a bit of fluff about four sisters, who (of course) all have fabulous jobs and perfect lives until ---dun dun dun--- tragedy strikes. Not bad for what it is.

Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier--One of my favorite library patrons was talking about how much she enjoyed this book, so I gave it a read. I felt like maybe I'd read it before, but it could be that I've seen the movie. Liked it!

Evan Can Wait by Rhys Bowen--Just the next in the Evan Evans series.

Trouble by Jesse Kellerman--My husband read this first and thought I might like it. It's a suspenseful novel involving a stalker. Maybe a little hardcore for me.

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown--My excuse? I'd never read anything by Sandra Brown! Doesn't she have the reputation of writing racy books? It wasn't all that racy, and I actually enjoyed it. Oddly enough (or maybe not so oddly), it didn't get good reviews on Amazon. Fans expecting her usual style?

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer--I read this a while back, but I don't think I ever posted about it. I felt like I HAD TO read it, considering how popular it's become. Unfortunately, I wasn't wild about it. It was okay, and I can see the appeal to teens,


elizabeth said...

I don't recall that title by Sandra Brown, but I've probably read it. I love reading books by John Sanford (about a cop/detective/freelancer in Minneapolis). It's about all I have time for or the mind for lately!

Taryn Day said...

I'm curious as to why you didn't like Twilight. Since it's so popular, I've been thinking that I ought to give it a try too. But it's so darn THICK and now you've read it instead and can explain just why I don't need to!

Darling Petunia said...

Elizabeth...Play Dirty is about a football player who's just gotten out of prison. Sound familiar? I hear ya on the time/mind thing!

Darling Petunia said...

Taryn! Hello! I could explain what I didn't like about Twilight, but what do I know? Beth liked all four of them!

Elski said...

I enjoy Twilight. It's ridiculous, but fun. ^_^ I can get why you might not love it so much though - still being a teenage girl myself, I fit the target demographic a bit better. I wouldn't give up on Meyer totally though - The Host is a much more 'grown up' book and in my opinion it's frankly just a much higher quality story then the vampire books in, well, pretty much every way. *grin*, hi! I'm Elski, I found your blog via Wardrobe Refashion and I've been stalking it for ages but never felt the need to comment before. ^^'

Darling Petunia said...

Elski, thanks for your input. Obviously a LOT of people like the Twilight books. I actually liked the parts that focused on the relationship between Bella and Edward. It's just that, towards the end, I felt like Meyer was throwing things in at random. She's said the book came to her in a dream, and that's exactly how it feels. You know how you wake up sometimes and think, "What the HECK was that about?"

Darling Petunia said...

Oh, and Elski, I'm glad you commented! It's pretty cool that I have a teenager following my blog! Comment more!