Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Apron Stuff

Who knew? That apron pattern I used? It's in print! It has a different number (4987), and the envelope has been updated, but the pattern is the same!

I think the next apron I make is going to be more of a lunch lady smock. Something like view C of Simplicity 4282, view A of Butterick 4945, or heck, one of the smockier ones in the pattern I already have! I don't know why, but they speak to me more than the fancy, ruffled retro styles.

Oh, yes, I also forgot to credit my helper. Never saw her do THAT before, huh?

And to mention how pinning the bodice pieces together is an awful lot like pinning the straps of a Tokyo Tie Bag. Isn't it amazing how it all comes together?

I realized I have made an apron once before. I used Simplicity 3752 to make a strawberry apron for a friend of mine. Now that one is a little tricky!

Lucky for me I used a very busy print, which his all the mistakes!


jeanetta said...

What a cute apron. Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck with the new pattern.

janey said...

I like the pinnies (old fashioned for apron!) They would look good in Cath Kidston fabric too!! Its a very small outlet if that makes you feel better. Love Janey x

Darling Petunia said...

Janey, I'm sure it's a dismal, evil place, too. Right? Right?

:) But tell me, do they have...fabric?