Thursday, September 4, 2008

Watch Out, Mrs. Cleaver

After spending a good hour looking through my shelves of fabrics and trying to decide what to make next, I decided to take a different approach. Tucked away in a corner of the garage is a giant tote filled with fabrics from my mom. She's always culling her stash and giving me bags of discards. Usually these are fabrics that aren't exactly my taste, but some seem like they'd be good for something (a lining? grocery bags?) so I hang onto them. Others I pass along to a friend at work or donate to one of the thrifts.

So out I went. Uh oh. Gerry stacked all sorts of stuff on my tote! I moved a box, a trash bag full of corduroy (forgot I even had that), and a TIRE, and finally uncovered my garage stash. I was kind of thinking of making a nightgown or pajama pants, so I pulled out a few prints that looked good. By the time I'd walked inside with my finds? I knew what I wanted to make: an apron.

Aprons have really been making a comeback, and there are tons of new patterns out there, but I pulled an older one out of the files: Simplicity 7052. I like this pattern because they're straightforward, classic apron designs that don't take a ton of fabric.

I decided to make the bib apron on the lower right. It looks like something I should wear out at the clothesline, right? One thing about making aprons--it's FUN! I can see now why so many people are making aprons lately. You can use nutty fabrics, load on the trims, whatever strikes your fancy. Mine, alas, is devoid of trim. Nothing I had on hand looked right, and I wanted it to be a "something from nothing" project. Besides, that fabric is busy enough!

Look at that bow! I feel like Mrs. Cleaver! I'll need a pointy bra, though, if I'm going to give Mrs. C. a run for her money!


Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air. I have been thinking about making an apron too. I have finally realized that the simple step of putting one on before I cook keeps the hard-to-deal-with stains off my front. I could give Mrs Cleaver a run for the bosomy look so I need one that covers up most of my top and a good bit of below the waist.
That's a great apron.

It also reminds me of what we used to call a pinafore back when little girls wore them. How about aprons for Christmas presents?


Stephanie said...

I just got my bag in the mail today and was so excited!!!! Thanks so much, I love it even more in person!

I love the apron. I need to go get some patterns and make some as well. Too often I find myself giving into temptation and spending way too much for cute ones at the store. Although it's always a great investment since I love to cook, I'd like to think I could make the same for much cheaper.
Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

fantastic!! I have been apron dreaming ALOT lately.

Darling Petunia said...

I'm glad you guys liked the apron! The pictures don't do much for it, I'm afraid. Neither does my slouchy self!

angelia729 said...

i like that one susan. that the ont i "picked" that i would make from that pattern if i had it.
i tell you , you need to open a store. seriously, you could sell the stuff to pay for more fabric :P)