Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Close Race

Mom was here today, so it was time to pick a name for the dress form! I read the list of suggested names (with minimal background info about why they were chosen), and she jotted down the ones she liked best. You can see if your choice was in the running.

Petunia and Geri (which she spelled Jerry) were then eliminated as too confusing, because I'm Petunia and Gerry is, well, Geri/Jerry. She finally narrowed it down to Wilma and Miss Pinny.

At this point she wanted me to pick, but I said no way. So finally, after much back and forth...

...the winning name is...

Wilma! So congratulations to Ellen! Ellen, I will need your address, please.

1 comment:

bunting said...

Oh poop - I nearly won! Maybe she can be Miss Wilma Pinny!