Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ship Shape

I somlemnly swear this is not going to be the blog that etsy ate. It won't become an endless advertisement for aprons. Promise. But this is one I have to share.

I started with a skirt. Spotted this at the thrift shop, thought it was neat, reminded me of my grams. There are girls out there who could wear a skirt like this, ironically, and get away with it. On me, I'm afraid it would look ridiculous. But I bought it anyway. Embroidered sailboats! Piping! Pockets!

Today's project was to turn it into an apron. It took a lot of creative cutting, but I figured how to make almost all of it out of the skirt. Some bright red fabric took care of the bib's facing and the neck ties.

Isn't that snazzy? I am well pleased with it! When I was about half-way done with it, I called my mom to tell her how well it was going. "I haven't run out of bobbin thread, and I didn't sew anything on backwards!" She suggested I might be tempting fate.

Don't forget! The dress form still needs a name! I think my mom is going to do the picking for me, and we will do that on Thursday, the 6th. So get your suggestions in by Thursday morning!


Anonymous said...

How about Pinny for your dress form?
You have such a talent for turning one thing into another.

Swansong said...

That apron is AWESOME!!! Love it! Too bad I am not a fan of the theme or i would be all over it. You turned it from a skirt into a work of art!