Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't You Think Daisies are the Friendliest Flower?

PayPal is kind of a weird thing. I have some money in there from my etsy sales, but for some reason it doesn't seem real. So in a moment of self-indulgence, I decided to take $10, look around on etsy, and just blow it on something frivolous. Well, if you've ever tried to just browse on etsy, you know how easy it is to get overwhelmed. Should I get a piece of jewelry? Some lovely soap? Or a funky stuffed ornament? How about a radish doll necklace? Okay okay, see what I mean about getting out of hand?

Then I landed on a listing for yarn daisies. Something about that pink and red daisy just reeled me in. And only thirty five cents? I had to have some of these daisies. For ten bucks I could get a whole pile and PLAY with them! Now we're talking!

I ordered these before we left for vacation, so I've had LOTS of time to think about what to make with them. Some of the ideas are Christmasy, but Christmas is still ages away (please let me believe that), so here are some everyday ideas to start with.

Sewing one on a hat couldn't be any easier. Heck, a safety pin would do the trick.

Or dress up a scarf with a cluster of flowers at one end. I thought that had kind of an Anthropologie vibe. Checking their website, I found two scarves with applied flowers, albeit in more muted tones, but I'm working with what I have, and I asked for BRIGHT daisies!

How about lining them up on a velvet pillow?

Or along the top of a curtain?

One idea suggested by Eileen's parents is to use them to mark your luggage. Sure beats a piece of red ribbon!

Of course you could always make an updated version of your childhood bicycle basket!

For Christmas...well, you'll just have to wait and see what else I've thought of! But how about you? Any ideas I've missed? If you'd like to play with your own pile of daisies, you can order them from rsiefker's shop. Here's a little more info about the daisy maker:

Hi! I am Eileen Siefker and am 35 years old. I have been developmentally disabled since birth. I work at our local Goodwill store but in my spare time, I enjoy making daisies from yarn. I have been doing this for several years and my Dad says I have to do something with the hundreds of daisies I have made! I enjoy country music and bowling when I am not making daisies.


Krista said...

Those are super cute! Very funky. She did a great job on them, I checked out her shop and I might have to pick me up some...

Jesica said...

I love those!!

Especially the hats - but that's probably just because I'm having hat issues - LOL

Luggage marker - GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

I just finished using some of Eileen's daisies instead of expensive bows on my Christmas packages.