Friday, December 12, 2008

Wild and Wooly

Wow, my to-do list is a mile long. I keep thinking it might be time to acknowledge the approach of Christmas, but there are so many other little things to do first. The first two things off my list are a few minor refashions.

First, a wrap skirt that was just a little too big. This was one of last year's thrift store finds. I loved the plaid and loved the colors, so I bought it, hoping I could make it wearable just by moving the button and hook. Thankfully, that's all it took, so another skirt joins the others in the closet.

ETA: I'm always sort of disappointed when people don't include pictures of the finished product, so I took a quick pic of the skirt, even though it's sort of boring and just another plaid, wool skirt. Don't look if it's too boring!

Next is a sweater refashion inspired by a picture in a Cath Kidston book. Her version was in softer colors, but it was basically a cardigan with some fabric sewn on the placket and the elbows. I decided I had to have one, so I went to the thrift shop in search of a sweater. Well, pickings were slim, and the best I could do was a brass-buttoned refugee from the Eighties, but it was merino wool and in good shape (and cheap), so I bought it.

Off came the buttons.

On went a placket. The elbow patches were a nice idea, but I couldn't get them to come out the way I wanted, so I skipped them.

And then the sweater sat for a few months, waiting for new buttons.

Finally, this morning, I dumped out the button jar and found nine matching buttons. I don't think I realized until today how much I hate sewing on buttons. That's supposed to be a basic skill, right?

Basic it may be, but I think I had trouble with every single button. Either I couldn't make a decent knot, or I went in when I should've been going out, or I stabbed myself with the needle, or or... Ah, it's finished.

It's nice and warm, too, which is important when you're living in an igloo.


Miscellany Mom said...

that placket REALLY boosts the sweater to a new level! i love it! thanks for sharing!

Janey said...

Love both the skirt and cardi. the placket really makes an old fashioned cardi look up to date again. I too hate sewing on buttons and usually do it too quickly and at least one is not quite in the right place! You can usually pull it slightly to look ok while you are working on it but once you put it on the mistake becomes obvious!! I can't imagine you do this your work always looks so neat and professional.

bunting said...

hi - your cardi looks fab with the new placket. Here's the trick to buttons - use your machine! It's a big step - I did my first one this year - but you know what - it's really, really quick, and almost painless. I'd give it a try. I can sew buttons on properly by the way, because I have that kind of Mum, but you might as well use the technology!!