Friday, December 26, 2008


Among the things on my mom's Christmas list this year were some new flannel nightgowns. I already had four and a half yards of flannel, so it only made sense to make her one--right? Um...err....

First I had a problem with Simplicity 9012. The pattern layout shows the sleeve pieces cut on doubled 45-inch-wide fabric. Half of 45 inches is 22 and a half, right? So how am I supposed to fit a 23 inch sleeve onto that? Good thing I hadn't cut anything yet.

Instead, I switched to a unisex nightshirt pattern (a Simplicity So Easy that's out of print). Technically, it was pretty easy, but I'm not used to sewing with so much fabric, and I had trouble even finding a place big enough to lay everything out. After much grumbling and stalling, everything was cut, and it went together easily. I even had a scrap big enough to sew a little stocking cap!

Mom loved it and even wore it to bed last night. She told me she only wore the cap while she was reading, which cracked me up, because I really only made it as a joke!

Once I finished, I said, "Never again," but seeing how much mom liked it? I think I've changed my mind.


Robin said...

Great job! Your Mom looks so happy :)

I've said never again too, just to have to turn around and make more of something. How come nobody asks for the easy stuff?

Janey said...

It looks fab just the kind of nightie I would like. Your mum looks a lovely lady, just my kind of person who enjoys a cuppa and a chat!!

Swansong said...

Love it!!!