Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guess the Blog

I'm well overdue for another "Blog I Like" post. Here's a hint:

Hmm, what is that? Is it...? Might it be...?

Selvedges? Right you are! That can only mean one thing: Jodie's blog, Ric-Rac. So why do I like Ric-Rac? Well, Jodie is super talented and super funny. (She also posts pictures of her kitten, which is always a plus in my book.) Reading her blog gives me a virtual poke to get off my tush and making something already! I have to admit, though, when I see all her delicious fabrics, I get a little jealous! I started my own collection of selvedges last year when I saw this adorable bag. My mom saves hers for me as well, and she gets all excited when she has a particularly nice one for me! Isn't that funny?

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