Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lest You Think I've Been Lazy

Something about snow on the ground and low temperatures makes me want to knit, so I've been doing some stash busting. As with sewing, I have the hardest time deciding which yarn to use with which pattern, so I started with some of my least favorite yarns and made some scarves to donate to charity. With these textured yarns, I stick to simple garter stitch, because nothing shows up anyway.

Don't those fence posts look warm? I'm definitely not a knitting enthusiast, but it is nice to get something done while watching tv or riding in the car.

I've also had a few requests for handbags. For the top one, the request was for "greens and browns" for "a retro girl." I hope it fills the bill! I love how the bottom one came out. The no-wale corduroy looks almost like suede.

And finally...aprons! I have one done and three in the works.

"Ward?! Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. We're having pineapple upside down cake for dessert. Your favorite."


ambika said...

This is all so awesome! I *love* the purse & that 2nd scarf is too cute.

Megan said...

I still lust after that purse. I cannot sew though. If I ever come across just the right fabric I am going to talk bff in to making it