Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes I Can

It's been a long time since I last knitted a pair of mittens. It was during Winter break from my first year of college, and I'd just learned to knit from the girl who lived in the room next door. I had one of those old Learn to Knit books, featuring dweeby models wearing all manner of knitted garments, including ponchos, a funny cowl/hat combo dubbed "a helmet," and several versions of the ubiquitous booties with pompoms.

I picked a pattern for two-needle, cabled mittens. I followed the directions and was amazed to see my first cables appear. The mittens were a success, save for one small detail: The yarn was ugly. I never wore them, but I think those mittens are still in a drawer somewhere at my mom's house.

Subsequent attempts to make mittens have been disappointing. Never a fan of sewing up the seams, I've chosen patterns for four-needle mittens. I'm comfortable with four needles and have made several things using them, but for some reason my mittens never turn out.

Then, the other day, I realized I should just go back to what works for me and make the two-needle mittens. That Learn to Knit book is long gone, but I found a new pattern, and I'm giving it a go. I can do this.

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