Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remember Knitting?

Yes, I used to knit. I'll bet you forgot!

While digging through some stuff in the spare room, I came across a scarf I'd started, oh, probably about three years ago. I needed an easy project to work on with my knitting group--something that didn't require counting or keeping track of anything--so I dreamed up this scarf.

I started the scarf on really big needles, knit for a few inches, k2tog, and then continued in garter stitch on much smaller needles. The problem? When I picked it up after all this time, I couldn't remember what size needles I started with. As I knitted towards the end, I tried to picture what I used when I started, to no avail. So, when the time came, it was trial and error. The first set I tried was too small. The second set was too big. The third set wasn't exactly right, either, but too bad! I think it looks okay. looks pretty good with my purpley coat! I don't think I even had this coat when I started the scarf!

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