Friday, February 20, 2009

Full Bloom

I had a very nice trip to the thrift shop this weekend! My local thrift would have priced these much higher, so I was excited to snag these for a total of $11.50.

I can't wait to turn that daisy fabric into an apron. And those blue flowers? Begging to be made into a bag. The large floral on top? Clothespin bags! "Wait," you say, "There are seven price tags and only six pieces of fabric." Ah, my favorite was still on the ironing board.

It was a job to iron four and a half yards of big, blowzy, juicy-watermelon-colored flowers! What should I make out of it? A Mrs. Cleaver dress or a full skirt seems so expected, but maybe that's best. Any suggestions?

Don't you wish you could go back to the time when these were selling for 47¢/yard, have your way in the fabric department of the 5 & 10, and then bring it all back with you? Sigh.


Sheryl said...

Wow! What a great deal - you found some beautiful stuff!

I love my thrift store and I've found a few nice pieces of fabric for cheap, but that's usually the exception, rather than the rule.

I'm jealous. ;-)

Eema-le said...

I'm so jealous. Those fabrics are gorgeous.

Angie Rodriguez said...

I think my heart might stop if I spied those fabrics at my thrift shop! Lucky!

dude said...

a dress!!! that fabric MUST be worn

D.a.r.r.a. said...

Definitely the Mrs. Cleaver dress!

Anonymous said...

but...but what about the cows! what will you do with them!


Callipygian said...

My favorite is the one with big blue flowers.