Friday, March 27, 2009


Pink is a cute word. It sounds like it looks. Pink pink pink. Gerry said, "Pink will be easy for you--Hello Kitty." While I do have a soft spot for The Mouthless One, she never really struck me as pink. Her bow is sometimes pink. She has kind of a pink aura. But that's not what I had in mind. How about some thrift shop finds instead? The ball of thread above? 25 cents. And the picture below, which set me back $2.50 about ten years ago. One of my favorite thrift shop finds ever.

Of course, there's my favorite pink. The nose, the toes (I always say she's grey and white with pink trim), and her favorite blanket.

Kate from Occasional Martha asked about joining in. Please do! Anyone else feeling the rainbow?

Thanks, too, for the yellow shoe and cereal box comments. Would you believe those shoes were $4.99 at Target? They make me happy.


meredithp said...

Ooh! I particularly love your gray and white, with pink trim. I have one of my own, but I've never referred to her that way. I must go do that (and squeeze her) right now! Around here, she's known as "the queen".

Elizabeth said...

I just love cats with pink noses and toes(es), their pink pads always remind me of little girl's pink satin ballet shoes.