Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The SiFotMwPtFitB Method

Drat. I finished taking in that jacket I bought a few weeks ago, and now I realize I should have taken a "before" picture. Hey, at least I have "during" pictures.

The jacket was just too billowy. Besides being too big in the chest, it had this vent at the back which was not flattering at all. My plan was just to take out the seam along the back, get rid of the vent, and then sew it all back up again, taking in some of the fullness.

First, I opened up the back seam almost all the way to the top.

Then, by using the extremely precise method of fitting known as the SiFotMwPtFitB Method (standing in front of the mirror while pinching the fabric in the back), I drew a guideline for a new seam.

What this terrible picture does not show is that I also picked out the hem, so I could then sew it up again, all nice and neat. You didn't actually think I'd just sew right over the hem, did you? I admit, I did cheat on the lining a bit. I didn't relish the thought of sewing on that slippery stuff, so I just took a pleat in it and tacked it down.

And without further ado, here are the results!

I think my $1 beads really set the whole thing off. How about you?


Tonya said...

It's a super cute jacket. Good job.

Columbia Lily said...

very cute!!!

tea and cake said...

The jacket looks as if it was made for you!

golden star said...

Like the fit of your newly fashioned jacket. Congrats!

Joey said...

You are too funny! So that's what SiFotMwPtFitB means. Very cute!

Miss Fitz said...

beautiful work! the sleeves were already like that? nothing sets off handiwork like $1 beads.