Thursday, April 9, 2009


With apologies to Hoobastank, I'm not a purple person. I do, however, make up for a lack of purple belongings with purple doors. Go figure.

And I have a few purple friends.

Isabella used to use the Muppet as a kicking bag when she was a kitten. I had no idea his real name was Telly Monster, so I called him Purple Monster. Now Wikipedia is telling me he's fuchsia.

Now I'll be the crazy cat lady and subject you to some baby pictures. Go for the throat! Get the soft underbelly! Poke his eyes out!


Jesica said...

YAY purple!!

jennifer said...

Purple rules!

Columbia Lily said...

my cat does HERSELF. I don't get it. She's weird.

rmlrhonda said...

AWWWwwww - She's so cute!! I have her in the male version, his name is Mischief and his coloring is almost identical to Isabella's. I've mentioned him before on your post as his is so close in looks I thought he might be moonlighting at your house while I'm at work. I love looking at your Wardrobe Refashion posts, too. You do great work and have a good artistic eye!

LLangevoort said...

I remember Telly old am I?? wow!