Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank You Notes and a Giveaway

My gosh, I was on a winning streak for a little while! Now I need to get on a thank you streak.

First, I won a box of paper crafting goodness from Raesha at My Love. Generous Raesha gave away four boxes of stuff! Confession: I was hoping to win either the box of sewing goodness or the box of vintage goodness, but you know what? I'm glad I won this one instead. I don't do a whole lot of paper crafting, but I have been trying to make cards instead of buying them, and I was getting kind of tired of my one box of cards and one pad of paper.

Yowza! Look at all that stuff! Something I've always wanted to do is an embellished composition book. And look! There was one in there! And cards from a cute, vintage game! And tiny little tags! Oh, and the tiles at the top of this post? They were in there too!

Thanks so much, Raesha. Thanks, also, for the second prize. Yep, I won something else. And this one, I'm proud to say, actually took some skill. Ready for this? I guessed which part of her outfit wasn't thrifted. --polishing nails on my lapel--

For this, I received a kiss. Um, and some candy which seems to have...uh...disappeared. Is that not cute?

Finally, I won one of SouleMama's frequent giveaways. My comment was randomly selected, and I received a copy of MixTape magazine aaaaaaaaaall the way from Australia!

You all know how cheap I am, so winning this is the only way I'd get to see it! It's a lovely little 'zine, filled with stories that are right in my zone. (Well, maybe not the roller derby story.)

One story was about The Toy Society. I first heard of TS around Christmastime and thought it sounded like a wonderful idea, but (as I tend to do) I've been dragging my feet about participating. This article is going to be the kick in the hiney I need to get it done. If you're not sure what the heck I'm talking about, people make toys and then leave them in public places for others to find. I am definitely going to give that a go.

I'd like to pay all this good fortune forward by passing my copy of MixTape along to someone else, just as soon as I'm finished with it1 If you're interested, just leave a comment on this post. I'm not sure when I'm going to finish it, so I won't put a limit on the giveaway. I'll just pick a name when I'm done, okay?


Anonymous said...

I would love to win your copy of MixTape whenever you finish it.

By the way, you said your Princess is grey and white with pink trim (nose and toes)- my Patrick has the pink nose but his small toes are pink - maybe what would be sort of be like fingerprints, but the large lower part - palm prints? - are sort of a deep greyish pink or pinkish grey.

The idea of making toys and leaving them in public places - I would like to learn more about that.

I've been on spring break - it's almost over. Then, rush through the end of school and teach three camps and then back to school. Next yer I will have more time.I will not be working at my granddaughter's school and I will not be state chairman for a worthy cause anymore. I swear I will not take any classes - well maybe English literature, not philosophy. I will have time to sew and see friends.
Does this sound familar?


Erin said...

I would love to read that! I actually participated in the Worldwide Christmas Toy Drop last Christmas! You should try it out. It's really fun!

kate said...

I read about the Christmas Toy Drop- after Christmas. Boo. But it sounds like fun and I totally plan to do it this year, too!

I would be beside myself if you picked my name for the copy of MixTape! I, like yourself, will never see a copy of it otherwise ;)

Saraheliza said...

Never heard of this magazine before but looking at their website, it looks cool!

Becca said...

I'd def be interested in reading the magazine :)

--ginger. said...

I'd love to have a look-see. I'm too cheap-o to buy it outright with a long hands-on look over. :)

Raesha D said...

I'm so glad you love your goodies:):) Giveaways are SO much fun!!

ecky said...

i too love random giveaways!! and free stuff! i'd love to check out mixtape.
congrats on all your winnings!

elkesten at yahoo dot com