Saturday, May 9, 2009

Patchy Bag

Wow, it seems like only yesterday when I asked for advice about making something from my thrifted Lilly items, but it's been almost a month! And, thank you, I got some great advice. One piece of advice came from Laine, who advised me not to cut up the umbrella print. I thought she had a great point about losing its appeal if the pattern was chopped up, so I went to work using just two of the garments.

The great thing about this skirt is that the fabric has different patterns in it. By cutting creatively, I could cut patches that look very different from each other. I cut one with mostly blues and greens, one with a lot of pinks, one with a big pop of yellow, etc. I cut five patches from the shorts underneath and haven't even touched the skirt part yet.

The pants...oh the pants. I've had these pants for so long that it was agony cutting into them. I felt like I was slicing off a toe. Once I got going, though, and realized there was no turning back, I calmed down.

Have you ever wished a garment you're refashioning wasn't QUITE so well-made? These pants were lined, and the lining was a real nuisance.

If you remember from the previous post, I used view B of Simplicity 2617 (that's the one in the upper right hand corner). This is a pattern designed by Autum Hall of Creative Little Daisy. I flirted with the idea of doing view C instead, as suggested by Columbia Lily, but something kept bringing me back to view B.

So then all I needed were solids. I was already sold on the khaki that Autum used in her bags, so I just needed something bright. After some rooting through the stash, I turned up a bright pink and tossed it on the pile. Bingo!

I didn't realize this when I was taking the picture, but it's pretty much the same "pose" as the bag on the pattern envelope!

I could take pictures of this bag all day. Here are some of its highlights:

Both the sides and the handle have these lines of decorative topstitching. I was terrified about keeping them straight and even, but it wasn't that difficult. They might be a little wibbley wobbley in places, but who's going to notice? I think it's a cool look!

The pattern directions also have you go over the seams with a decorative machine stitch. At first I was going to blow it off, mainly because I'm still using my mom's machine and wasn't sure how it worked, but WOW I'm glad I took the time to figure it out!

Here's how the other side looks. You can just see a little of the lining peeking out. I used fabric from the pants for the lining. I wanted the lining to match the underside of the strap, so I used the pants fabric, even though I could only get the pieces to fit by cutting the design sideways. Who will ever know?

Well, besides everyone who reads this blog!


KLS said...

Job well done!
Very cute and I love the decorative stitching.

Now you can make a quilt for your bed, LOL.

Jesica said...

I LOVE that bag!! Realllllly cute!

(and you could totally put a zipper in that one! LOL)

Laine said...

Looks great! its hard two believe there are only two different prints used--there is so much variation! I love the decorative stitch as well, i think it really gives the bag a finished look.

And yay for saving the umbrellas! What are you going to do with them now?

Autum said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with me! It's very, very pretty! I love the Lilly fabric combined with the linen. Several years ago, I stayed very busy making and selling purses on ebay made from Lilly fabric and the fabric was hard to find and not cheap. You certainly have the right idea.

Christine Sews said...

The color combination and decorative stitches really make the bag artistic. Nice work.

jennifer said...

Great work!

koala brains said...

Cute bag. The decorative stitches add so much to it.

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous bag, and I love the decorative stitiching.

Columbia Lily said...

this looks great!! Good job! Making a purse for myself is on my list of things to do as soon as I can....someday.

Trudy Callan said...

Luv, Luv, Luv the bag.

Indigo Blue said...

Ireally like the shape and fabrics used in your bag. Bright pink is a lovely colour to use on bags.
Cornwall (UK)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.