Monday, June 22, 2009


So I've been sewing. After spending so much time on the dress, I thought I'd bang out a skirt in an hour or two just for some near-instant gratification. Of course, it's never that easy. I had a project all ready to go and then --screech of brakes-- no! I changed my mind.

After replaying that scenario, oh, about four more times, I finally settled on a project. Two, as a matter of fact. And they're both almost done, but not quite. My photographer, you see, was away for a few days, so I wasn't feeling compelled to actually finish them. Hey, if I can't post a picture on the blog, does the skirt really exist?

Tonight I took my stuff outside to catch a little sunshine (haven't seen much of that around here lately) while I started my hem. Now that the photographer is on his way back home, I better get busy.


nicola said...

laughing at the "if i can't put it on the blog maybe it doesn't exist" bit!
and hemming....on my list of techniques to learn. i just double fold and stitch. probably a serious no-no.

--ginger. said...

Hey there--can you say more about that fancy hemming? I'm doing the double fold thing too and it's messing up the skirts I'm trying to pull off.