Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Look what we found on the side of the road!

We spotted them on our way to the thrift shop.

"Gerry? I think I want those chairs."

"We'll get them on the way back."

"Um, they'll be gone on the way back."

Taking no chances, we turned around right then.


And Gerry offered to do the sanding and painting.


I chose the blue spray paint you can see on the floor. Only now I'm not sure I like it. How can I tell Gerry?


Allison said...

What a find!
If you don't like the blue, maybe add an accent of red on the arms and legs or in the center of the back/seat.

KELmomRN2b said...

Take the paint back and trade it in?

Darling Petunia said...

Oh, Kelli, it isn't that simple...he's already started painting!

Indigo Blue said...

This post made me smile! My hubby and I are often like this. Go with your first idea,mlet it dry then think about it. May find you were right in the first place. Blue is a nice colour after all.Have you seen the skirt along with Sew Mama Sew? Thought you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous Find!

...and Gerry is a keeper!

KLS said...

If the painting isn't completed it is OK to ask for a change.
I like to break news like that gently, "I'm not sure I like that color..." LOL

nicola said...


Langevoort said...

I don't blame you for going back for them. My grandfather had one and it was so comfy! I always like those chairs. His was dark green and white.