Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lace Explained

Christy from Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time gets the credit for this one! She makes some wonderful things, and in this post, I spotted something made from a fabric I've had languishing in my stash for oh-so-long. I love this print, but for some reason, I thought I only had one yard, so I've passed it by many times.

Because I'm on a back to basics, tried and true kick right now, I used Burda 8090, my favorite fuller skirt pattern.

Inside, aqua bias tape trims the facing and Flexi-Lace finishes the hem.

Georgeina asked why I use the lace on my hems. Well, because that's how my mom taught me! Actually, when I first started asking my mom to sew things for me, it was because I was in love with Lilly Pulitzer skirts, but too cheap to pay $118 for one. One of the details on the Lilly skirts is that special Lilly lace at the hem.

And so, to indulge her only girl, mom made sure she added lace to the hems of the skirts she made, so they'd be just like the ones I coveted!


Family Jaques said...

Hiya! This effect looks lovely, but how do you do it? does it hold well when you wash it? and does the fabric fray underneath it? Do you see the two tracks of sewing on the other side of the skirt?

I'd love to see how you do this, if you ever get time...

Karin said...

What a lovely idea, to put lace on the hems. It looks really nicely finished that way, a cute little touch!

Fiona Goble said...

This looks beautiful. I love your posts on Wardrobe Refashion. Keep up the good work.

Indigo Blue said...

You are giving me lots of patterns to think about and try! I am half way through making a skirt and I think that somefor winter will be next. Would the skirts that you have made recently work o with thicker fabric?

Anonymous said...

Oh Susan, that skirt is adorable! Love it!


Anonymous said...

i love that through blogs we can all find out things about how/why to do things - otherwise every step of a garment can offer bewildering choise.

thanks ever so for responding and for the mention!