Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thrift Shop Find Inspires Two Projects--Full Story at Eleven

Thrift shop find!

It was $5.90 and too small, but I bought it anyway.

Wouldn't you? It's so cheerful! I can use the fabric for something else. And that seam across the middle is intriguing.

Ah, it isn't just a seam--it's a pocket!

Now this is something I want to try....

And once I make a copy of the skirt, I can turn it into a new bag!


Ameenah said...

Wow! Marimekko fabric at the thrift store!? nice deal.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

nicola said...

i have seen and love that print. excellent recycle project! you are going to pattern it for a skirt you'll make in a bigger size? great idea!

Vindiciti said...

What a cool skirt! I can't wait to see your copy.

Julie ZS said...

So that's a pocket in the center of the skirt? Hmmm, strange, hard to picture actually using it. But the fabric is an awesome thrift shop find, and you can re-use the Marimekko tag inside the bag to make it more "official".