Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too Weird?

Okay, so Julie from High Fiber Content (love that name!), questions the pocket in the center of a skirt thing. And I concur--it is a little strange, but not strange enough to stop me from trying it! With as many skirts as I have, I'm always looking for something new, so here's my version.

Of course I don't have Marimekko fabric lying around for making muslins. I used this green and white print once before, pre-blog, for a wrap skirt. In fact, that wrap skirt was the second or third thing I ever sewed, and I used the Sew What: Skirts book. I'm not the first one to say this, but that is a great book--very informative and not at all intimidating.

The one problem I have with that skirt is that I never know what to wear with it. I look awful in white, and matching the green would be kind of tough, so it just hangs in the closet, forgotten. To help with that, I used navy blue bias tape to finish the hem of the new skirt. It was either that or bright pink, and my husband picked the navy.

So, anyway, the whole point of this exercise was to try out that pocket. It was easy to replicate--all I had to do was cut two fronts and sew them together like so:

And here's the pocket in action! Just a spot to tuck a little something.

So is that weird? I guess it is, a little. How about some more views?

Overhead View:

Side View:
Jumping View!Too weird? Not weird at all? Just weird enough?


Anonymous said...

Maybe just a little bit unusual, but not weird.

I've been pondering the pocket since you posted the original. The only thing I could think of was that the skirt originally belonged to a newscaster or weather reporter, and the pocket actually goes in the BACK to hold the battery pack for the microphone!

It could be an ipod/phone pocket for a runner, but why would anyone run in a skirt?

Perhaps a ball pocket for tennis? Pickpocket proof pocket for a wallet? Access pocket for a drag queen? (Okay, that is just too gross to contemplate.)

The green and white is very pretty, and navy was certainly the right choice for a border trim.

kelly said...

scotsmen would think it was brilliant. Angelapea asked who would run in a skirt. Did anybody see Braveheart? Check out Lots of kilts with built in pocket. I love your new skirt. You can't tell the pocket is there unless you're looking for it. Kinda like a kangaroo!

Becca said...

The pocked it really subtle, hard to tell it's even there so I don't think it's too weird, as long as you don't put anything to bulky in it (maybe tennis balls would be a little weird if you were walking around with them in there).

Otherwise very pretty!

Vicki W said...

It's like a skirt and apron combined!

Care said...

i definitely vote "just weird enough!" i think it is so unique, and so much fun! you've made perfect fabric/trim choices. love it!! a pattern for the rest of us?

paisleyapron said...

Not weird, but incredibly practical. Love it!

(Back to lurking now...)

Miss Fitz said...

think i'm going "solid" too. not too weird. more lady clothes need pockets.

Grateful Gramma said...

Weird, but kinda neat! I thought kangaroo too.

BJ_Mama said...

found you via WR...not a pledged member, as I just started sewing, but I love the ideas.
Hey, I say put a pocket wherever you want, girl!

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool. :) I love the green and navy combo.

Anonymous said...

You're so cute. I love your "jumping view", lol.

I love green & navy so that was a perfect combo in my opinion.

Not sure about the pocket. I imagine hooking on one of my kitchen knobs and ripping it off my front, leaving too much exposed, lol. I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out so it's very subtle.

You have totally inspired me to make a skirt. I found a pattern for a dinky one (size 8) in the thrift store, but it's the kind with the panels. I figure I'll just add about 30 panels to make it fit me, lol. I have some hideous Christmas fabric to experiment with, lol. I'll let you know what happens.


Su said...

Hi! That is a very cute skirt

The first thing that struck me thought, was that it may be a little too apron-like, with the pocket in front?
You can hardly tell that there is a pocket in the front because of the fabric you chose, but it may be a little to strange with plainer fabric.

Donna said...

Mags, I've got a bunch of skirt patterns in both fantasy and reality sizes. If I can figure out some way to show you what they are do you want some of them. I'd probably just keep one so I can pretend I might ever sew a garment again in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

It is weird, but in a good way. One of my problems with skirts is that the pockets often poke out on the side, making my hips look wonky. This front pocket thing would alleviate that. Nice work on the skirt, by the way!

Eve said...

I think it's just weird enough...& my favorite view is the jumping view...LOL

Columbia Lily said...

i agree that in this fabric it totally works...not too obvious. i think it would depend on the skirt, but i like it on this one.