Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who Won ?

Wow! So many responses to the sewing question! It seemed like even more as I was making the little slips for the drawing. The random integer generator started to sound like a good idea somewhere around number thirty.

But then I wouldn't have pictures!

I loved reading your responses. Thank you to everyone for commenting.

One of the most popular sewing elves would be "someone to layout and cut the pattern." I would have to agree there! When all I want to do is GET GOING and see my project take shape, fiddling around with pattern pieces and pins seems like such a drag, or as Diana called it "painful foreplay." Oh, that made me laugh!

Do any of you start sewing before all the pieces are cut out? I do.

Also, Pam, Lynda and Kathryn mentioned not having a lot of space for working. I can SO identify!

"Someone to babysit" is also much in demand. My mom used to put me in my playpen when she wanted to sew, but I don't think playpens are so common anymore.

Lucky for me, I can just shut the door on my particular (cat) baby. I feel a little guilty, but I don't want her eating pins, now do I?

There was also considerable demand for fitters, which I didn't even think about. I just don't do a lot of fitting. I'll add some length here and there, but I'm not really knowledgeable about shoulder adjustments and sway back adjustments and the like. I'm a lazy sewer.

Another thing I forgot about is the dreaded gathering. Hibler House said, "I hate doing any sort of gathering- all those basting stitches, and pulling to meet dots and all that." Good one! I forgot how much I hate that, because I avoid it whenever I can!

And now for the giveaway winner. I drew number fifty two, which turns out to be...

Margaret K!

Margaret, just let me know which prize you'd like and I'll send it off to you soon!

Margaret, by the way, wanted someone to rip out mistakes. Any particular someone, Margaret? Johnny Depp? George Clooney?


margaret k. said...

woohoo! hard, hard decision making to do now.

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Margaret. :) I'd go for George Clooney. *wink*

Krista said...

At first I thought you said people were requesting fRitters. I was thinking, "Hmm, does sewing encourage deep-fried bread cravings?"