Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last Monday I gave you a glimpse of my latest project: a new skirt (yes, another one) made from Butterick4519. The fabric is from my stash, and I know I got it at JoAnn's last year. It has a nice texture, but is a bit of a mystery as far as fiber content. I'm really trying to break out of my rut and make some different skirts, but it's hard to leave the tried-and-true behind and venture into the unknown!

If anyone has a favorite skirt pattern to recommend, please do!

This is View D minus the silly bows at the pleats. It went together very easily, aside from the waistband. I ran into this same problem with another Butterick pattern: They expect quite a bit of easing when you fit the waistband on, and I'm just not that comfortable with it. No matter what I did, I ended up about a half inch short, so I cheated and shaved a half inch from the side seam so the waistband would fit. This means the whole skirt is assymmetrical by that half inch, but who would know?

The obligatory facing shot for the finishing fans! Speaking of finishing, someone asked about my "fancy hemming." For the record, I don't always hand sew a blind hem. I will take the time if it works best with the fabric and the style of the garment, but I use the double-fold-and-machine-sew method as well. Here's a tutorial I found at Craftzine for hand sewing a blind hem, which looks pretty close to what I do, minus the hem tape. I just like the hem tape for finishing the raw edge, because it's a little touch you don't find on ready to wear very often.

Don't forget--You can enter my giveaway until July 1st! All you need to do is answer a sewing question. I'll share my answer and announce a winner on Thursday.


Miss Prickly said...

I love Amy Butler's Barcelona skirt - I've made two of them and they're both my favorites.

karin said...

That's a really cute skirt. And I love the fabric!

Stephanie N. said...

Nice bias-bound edge!

-From a "finishing nerd" who appreciates fine craftsmanship, even though I don't always manage to finish inside edges off as nicely as this. :-)

Anonymous said...

That skirt is fabulous. It is a great print for the style skirt and looks great on you too! 100% fab. And totaly stash busting too? Awesomeness.

nicola said...

sweet skirt!
i love your tag. i want to have some tags, but i can't decide what to put on name? blog name? blog URL? email address?
i don't have a business and my blog name came about separately from and before i sewed enough to want labels!