Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creative Hands

A visit to the thrift shop back in March yielded this set of books: Greystone's Creative Hands, The Complete Knitting, Dressmaking, and Needlecraft Guide. Twenty two volumes in all, I think Gerry was a little horrified when he saw me piling them into my cart. Hey, at fifty cents each (they were $1, but half off), they were cheaper than magazines!

Unlike magazines, I will not be throwing these into the recycling bin. (Sorry, Gerry, they're sticking around.) The range of needlecrafts they cover is amazing! Besides knitting and crochet, there are all different kinds of embroidery projects, lace, chapters on tailoring, natural dyes, making lampshades (yikes!), applique, toy name it. A lot of the projects are completely out of my league (I don't even know how to crochet), but many others have made it onto my to-do list.

See all those pages I've bookmarked? I'm going to share TEN of my favorites with you over the next several days. I may never get around to completing any of these projects, but they're too cute to keep to myself!


Karin said...

Oh, I love these kind of finds! I recently found a serie of books in the thrift shop too, covering all kinds of crafting. It was a serie from the seventies and the examples pictured in there are somewhat 'dated'(although some of them could very well be from these days, completely modern again), but the patterns are great and the techniques timeless. Have fun with your treasures!

Anonymous said...

Great find!

I inherited a box of my mom & grandma's old Workbaskets. They're mostly knit and crochet patterns and I don't do either. I should look thru' them and see if I find anything else tho'.

Angie Rodriguez said...

oooh! Lucky! I only found two of these Creative Hands, but I'd love to find more. I'm keeping my eye out. Can't wait to see your favorites.

Indigo Blue said...

I made a similar find at a carboot sale. They are magaznes which are thn put inside a file. They are also yellow on the outside and are called "Stitch by Stitch". Each file has approx 14 magazines. I think there are 10 files, not certain, some are in the attic. I like the older/vintage ideas which are in fact coming back into fashion. It was printed by Marshall Cavendish.
I too put sticky post-its in pages to try! Like all the ideas featured here.