Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Thanks, I'm Stuffed

I made a little progress on my calico cat today. Her little head with one ear had been smiling at me from my sewing table for three weeks! Listened to some Lyle Lovett while stitching on that second ear and constructing the body, then switched to who else but Elvis Costello?

The result was lots of little threads and bits on my carpet. You can keep your Dysons. I prefer this snazzy little number. Quiet, efficient, and ecologically sound!


janey said...

I love your carpet sweeper, I haven't seen one for years and never one that gorgeous colour!!

Cat looks fun, I have made dolls in the past and my daughter always got a bit freaked by dismembered parts on the sewing table. especially haes with no faces!!

Karin said...

Cute cat. Those colours are really fun!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that fabric before. I think I have a scrap of it here somewhere!

Love the kitty, but you should put him together so you don't have nightmares, lol.


Julie ZS said...

That cat is turning out great, love the colors. And you know, I just got a Dyson, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, I am in *love* with a household appliance. sigh.