Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Kitty

Just call me a procrastinator! Finally, after more than a year, I got to work on a needlework kit I bought last July. In my defense, I was intimidated by it. For one thing, I never have much luck making stuffed toys. I would love to be able to make all the amazing stuffies I see other bloggers come up with, but I lack patience or precision or the ability to think in the stuffed dimension or something. Plus I can't embroider to save my life, and I saw embroidery floss in this kit. -gulp-

But, I don't know. Maybe it was the "Life is Too Important" bag I posted yesterday. (From Emma Bridgewater, by the way.) So what if it didn't come out perfectly? Would it be the end of the world? Of course not.

But I'm taking it slowly. One step at a time. What you see above is the result of two hours of work. When it came time to do the face, the instructions told me to attach some things and applique others. That threw me for a loop. First off, believe it or not, I had no idea how to applique. And what is this attach business? How? Glue? Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound. I appliqued ALL of it!

I'm proud of me. I'll be back with an update once I complete another chunk.


Care said...

ack! She's ADORABLE!!

......I just read your previous post about her. Little kittens that VELCRO to her?? I can't wait to see her with her litter!!!!

Karin van Dam said...

What a cute little face. Especially that little nose, just like pinnochio ;-)

Indigo Blue said...

She has a lovely expression on her face. That contented look that cats have.