Friday, December 11, 2009

Souvenirs of Our Trip

No matter where I roam, I love to visit thrift shops. In Ireland, they call them charity shops, and the ones I run across most often are Oxfam, Mrs. Quin's, Vincent's, and Enable Ireland. Want to see the treasures I picked up on our trip?

How could I resist an Irish counties puzzle? I got this for just €4 at the Arklow Vincent's. My plan is to stick the pieces down with some BluTak and prop it up somewhere like artwork.

I'll always remember it was from Arklow, because it's conveniently marked on the puzzle! Oh, someone tried to rub it off, but it's there! Thank goodness the outlines of the counties are marked underneath, because I need the help!

This child's mug is another treasure from Arklow; this time a bargain from the table outside Mrs. Quin's. Just €.50. Mrs. Quin's in Arklow is tiny, but we always find a thing or two. Last year's Garda doll came from Mrs. Q's.

Gerry's mom came from Arklow and worked at the Arklow Potteries, so he loves things like this. And I have a little collection of children's china, so we're both happy!

Gerry was a little dubious about this one, however, and I can't say I blame him. We came across a lovely Vincent's in Greystones while we were looking for a geocache, and I spotted this blanket for €2. It's really too bad I didn't think to take a "before" picture, because it looked nothing like this before I washed it. I knew it was filthy, but even I was surprised by how bright and colorful it turned out to be.

How could anyone resist an Irish wool blanket for €2? And check out this fringe! Wheee!

Next time you're traveling, don't forget the charity shops! You can find lovely souvenirs of your trip--unique things--at bargain prices.

Link to the Irish Charity Shops Association.


Anonymous said...

It might be worth losing weight just to stow away in your suitcase next time!! You vacation the way I'd like to.

Love your treasures!!

Anonymous said...

Mags, if we let that happen we would have REALLY crowded suitcases...we have probably 20 people each who have "offered" to stow away in our suitcases and join us! Unfortunately, anybody who travels over in a suitcase has to come back in a suitcase, and that would take up precious space for tea, clothes from tesco, biscuits, slippers from Holland, my Ferrari, my Arsenal jersey, etc...Sorry!


Sewing-Chick said...

Love your finds :)

I once went to a garage sale when I was on vacation in Washington DC ... I bought a Wagnerware cast iron skillet. The airport baggage people didn't like that very much, and they ripped open the suitcase (why didn't they just UNZIP IT?!) and then duct taped it back together when they saw it was just a frying pan!