Sunday, December 13, 2009

We're Not in Kansas

I have this friend who has two super-cute nieces. They are at the stage where they're all about princesses and fairy tales, and they want to wear their princess gear all the time--even to bed. I tipped her off to a nightgown I saw in an Avon catalog which features three Disney princesses at once, thinking that would be a big hit. I mean, three at once! Come on! No. As she put it, "Apparently "Aurora (or whichever character is in favor that day) doesn't wear a nightgown with her picture ON it!" Ahem.

Here's where I come in. Jeanne (my friend) asked if either I (or my mom, but this is her busy season) could make them nightgowns based on Dorothy's outfit in the Wizard of Oz. Sounds like fun! Sure, I'll try it!

My thinking on this was that a nightgown should be simple, soft, and roomy, and it should have no buttons or zippers or any other nasty hard bits that might be uncomfortable to sleep on. I started with Simplicity pattern 5695, view E and just added the bib on the front.

Those bias cut straps seem to be vital to making a semi-authentic Dorothy! Thank goodness I looked at lots of Dorothy pictures before I started, or I might have made a huge mistake!

Now all they need are red bedroom slippers and a couple of little Toto toys and they're all set!


angelia729 said...

too cute !! they look "authentic" to me !

Care said...

those are The Cutest nightgowns!! and I agree about the bias straps -- they are perfection!

Jeanne said...

I am SO SO SO excited for Christmas to give these to the girlies! You did a phenomenal job. Thank you, a million times :))

Christy from Texas said...

SUPER cute!!!

Trisha said...

So cute! Those jammies look perfect-- great job. You should make yourself an adult version-- just for fun!