Friday, January 22, 2010

Red-dy or Not

Angela Pea tagged me to post photos of seven red things in my home. Then I must tag seven additional people to do the same.

I did RED photos once before, when some of us were posting a rainbow, so I tried to stay away from stuff I'd already picked. That wasn't too hard, because red is my favorite color. I have a red sofa, a red computer, a red desk, a red sewing chair, etc. The only problem was staying away from the messy parts of my house which, right now, is all of them.

Oh, and I need to tag seven others. Hmm. Okay, here is a mixed bag. Some are old favorites and some are new blogs I've come across on Wardrobe Refashion but have yet to explore.
Here's what else I came up with. Oh, and have I mentioned how annoyed I am with the new drag-pictures-to-where-you-want-them feature on Blogger? This is not where I wanted them, but it'll have to do.


spinndiva said...


Oooohh I got tagged! This is going to be hard, since I don't reeeeeally like red all that much! :D
*says it, looks around and already found 3 red things.... *


Off to make some pictures! :D

spinndiva said...

wanted to add: I love your pics!

Anonymous said...

Cool. :)

Love the old skool library stool.

Hmmm red things, red things... am off to explore.



Anonymous said...

Oh My! Love Love Love the tins and the crochet pieces! But even more, I'm oooohing over the red poppy fabric, because of its cheerful wonderfulness!

Thank you for playing along; your photos put mine to shame!

jennifer said...

This is so fun! I enjoyed your rainbow project. I think I want to do that too, but I'm going to cheat and wait until spring so I can use things outside

Andreae Callanan said...

Well, I guess I'm not the only one having photo-placement problems with Blogger. Grrr. They're messing with my paragraph spacing, too. Either way, I love your photos (and your blog). Thanks for tagging me!