Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bread and Butter

I've blogged about bread before, but it was almost two years ago, so it's time for an update. Gerry took a break from bread baking, but a recent vow not to buy any food until we'd eaten what we had sent him back to the flour sack.

A quick aside regarding the vow: We started our freezer/cupboard eating on February 1st. With the exception of milk, eggs, cheese, flour, and fruit, we've (mostly) kept our promise. I cracked and bought that red licorice and a bag of cheez curlz. We don't keep a formal pantry or anything--this is just stuff that had accumulated. I don't exactly understand why, but it feels SO GOOD to be using things up!

Anyway, back to the bread. The whole no-knead thing has really exploded lately. There are many new books, The Mother Earth News featured it on the cover, and photos of lovely, homebaked loaves are appearing with increasing frequency on my friends' Facebook pages. I've checked many books out of the library and even bought one of the originals, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, intending to try the fridge-storage method.

As intriguing as some of the variations sound, we've never had a good storage container handy for keeping the dough in the fridge, so we've stuck with the original. This is just a darn good loaf of bread.

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Care said...


I went on a bread-making kick about a year ago... When I cleaned out my fridge earlier this week I discovered my sad, abandoned jar of yeast. Checked the expiration date, and it's still good!

Maybe I'll bake a few loaves today..... You've inspired me! :o)