Friday, April 30, 2010

Come Together

So how is everyone doing? I knew the day would come when I'd just want to stuff this thing into the trash and set fire to it. Well, that day was today. I've retreated out to the screened porch to write this, accompanied by my Isabella. She is happy to be sniffing the fresh air, and maybe it'll do me some good to be outside listening to the birds squawk and twitter as well.

So...deep breath...Care's post about assembling the rows scared the daylights out of me. Flip this, push this there, watch out for that... aaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeee! I'm saying that about EVERY step, I know, but it's been true for every step! However, when I sat down with Care's instructions and just followed them step by step, it all worked out beautifully. The best part about this step? There are no corners to line up! At one point I did find myself questioning whether I'd been flipping blocks over when I shouldn't have, but a quick look at the picture of the layout assured me that I was okay. Then, of course, the whole thing had to be laid out for admiration once again! :-)


Here's where the trouble started. Today was the day for sewing the rows together. Everything was ironed and ready, and I sat down to begin. Following Care's "fudging" directions, I tried my best to get those corners to match. And you know what? IT WORKED! When I opened the first two rows to see how I'd done, every single corner was either right on or very close!

And that's when I realized I'd sewn the wrong edges together.
I wish I'd taken a picture, just to drive home the point that you need to DOUBLE CHECK which edges you're sewing. Instead:
D.O.U.B.L.E C.H.E.C.K!
Now, you know how we didn't backstitch at all when we were sewing all those blocks together? That becomes a bit of problem when you are a nitwit and sew the wrong rows together and have to tear it all out. Uh huh. I wanted to cry. Instead, I took a bath and stayed in until I shriveled and then I started again.

And there it is! There's my quilt top (so far)! The corners even match up pretty well. But...

...what the HECK is going on here? When I sewed rows 1-2-3-4 onto rows 5-6-7, I ended up with this discrepancy. It's like this quilt has it out for me! The minute I start to feel good about how it's going, it throws something like this in my face! UGH!


Indigo Blue said...

Do what I do when that happens, slice it off level andmove on......
Your quilt top looks great in the photo, I thinkthat you are being very hard on yourself. You should have seen my first attempt!

Sherry from Alabama said...

You've come too far to stop now, it looks beautiful.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Care said...

It's GORGEOUS! I love that photo of it blowing in the wind against that gorgeous blue sky -- a sky that matches it perfectly!

Sorry for the frustration with the seam ripper... UGH. But it will all be worth it in the end! .....right?

Copper Patch said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, it's looking great and anything can be trimmed :o)

Saraheliza said...

I'd love to say that you only make a mistake like that once. But I've been quilting for 20 years and still do stuff like that.
Well done you for getting the unpicker out straight away and carrying on. your quilt is looking so gorgeous.

rachelmp said...

In this style of quilt, it will be fine. Just keep going :)

Kim said...

oh my gosh!!! i love it. i'm about to make my first quilt and i'm terrified. i've had the fabric for a few months and have yet to start cutting. thanks for the inspiration!

Megan said...

That's why there are rotary cutters, scissors and seam rippers. My seam ripper and I have become very close during the "matching seams" process--I'm still playing catch-up--got the border on--now on to the back and the binding---can't wait to see everyone's finished quilt!!

langevoort said...

Yea! The top is done.....yea, and high five girl! Good job.