Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilty Cat

There's a Flickr group for 1st Quilt Ever now! Check it out to see how other people are doing!

So, after hours of choosing fabrics and cutting squares and then sewing them all into blocks, it's time to slice them up. Eeek! Although Care tried to downplay the possibility of irreparable damage, I knew that this was one place I REALLY didn't want to screw up. What if I mis-measured or let the ruler slip when cutting one of these babies?
I'm not sure this actually helped at all, but I used sticky notes to mark some strategic spots on my cutting mat. Even so, I double triple quadruple quintuple checked before I made a cut.

Um, but one thing. Care, oh quilting mentor of mine? My squares? They weren't all that square. --frown-- I hope I did the right thing by trying as best I could to split the difference. I am getting a D in accuracy, I know!

As predicted, Isabella enjoyed the next part of the process. I was just starting to groove on laying out the squares when she sauntered in, flopped down, and farted--FARTED--on my quilt blocks! I left the room for a bit to let the air clear. Besides, once she's flopped, there's no moving her.

This is my final layout. The one thing that sort of bugs me is the proximity of those two acid green blocks. It will probably always nag at me, but I couldn't seem to find a better solution.

When it came time to stack up the rows of blocks, you-know-who showed up again to supervise. I worked around her as much as I could, then gently eased her off the two blocks on which she'd perched.
Ready to start sewing rows! Wave goodbye, Isabella!


Melanie said...

Still cutting mine, and they're not so square either. But hey it's my 1st QUILT EVER. Love your colors (and your cat)!

Christy (Columbia Lily) said...

cats are the best at putting humans in their place.

Care said...

YAY! I'm so glad Isabella IS a quilty cat, after all!! :o) :o)

....I must confess my squares were not very square either! I picked the squariest (like my new word?) block for my cutting example... It's all about FUDGING, right??

Susan said...

Fudging it is right-it always seems to work fine in the end! I love seeing your colors all together now! They look really good.

KLS said...

Well, I guess you now know what Isabella thinks of your quilt.
Perhaps she is unhappy with the color combos or would have preferred a soothing selection of pastels instead.

I think the quilt is gorgeous.

langevoort said...

I think Isabella was saying, well it looks nice and soft, I'll try it.....nope, not soft...fart! hahahaha

just kiddin'
have fun

meredithp said...

I know I'm way behind, but I just wanted to comment about Isabella. I think she's the Bomb. She takes great joy in helping you, and you are to be commended for providing projects with which to entertain her.

I've had kitties barf on things in process, so farting seems like a plus ;-)