Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fully Interlocking

Just a little interlude from the 1QE (First Quilt Ever if you aren't following along!).

If there was any question of my being a nerd, this should remove all doubt! Yes, in addition to loving to read and sew my own clothes, I enjoy jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaws were out of the question for a few years, because Isabella would jump on the table and methodically push each and every piece off the edge, but now that she isn't jumping, I can indulge in this dorky past-time once again.

During my first puzzle heyday, I had a special affinity for Charles Wysocki designs, but now I'm drawn to the unnatural colors and hokey scenes of vintage puzzles.
Anyone else like jigsaw puzzles? It's not something I've seen on a blog yet. Maybe we can give them some blog cred!


Erica said...

I love puzzles! One night I stayed up really late working on a Thomas Kinkade puzzle. The next morning my 3 yr old came and told me she helped me with my puzzle. Only for me to discover she actually took apart everything I had put together! She thought I was taking it apart and needed help! I haven't done a puzzle since and that was 11 yrs ago.

I would start doing puzzles again, but alas I now have another 3 yr old and have just discovered a new obsession: QUILTING!

Enjoy your puzzle!

Denise said...

Love puzzles! I got some for Christmas gifts for my family this past Christmas. I got one for myself as well but have a few I need to put together when I get a chance. Do you glue yours together and hang them up or do you take them apart to do another time?

Erica said...

Well I had intended on gluing the Thomas Kinkade puzzle because I can't afford one of his paintings. But of course it's still in my closet waiting for me to get puzzle fever again.

Rhiannon said...

I love puzzles, but unfortunately I can't do them anymore either because I also have a 3 year old who loves to "help". I look forward to the days when my kids have grown old enough to know not to touch my stuff.....does that ever happen??

Erica said...

My girls are 18, 14, and 3. All of them get into my stuff. When they are younger they are exploring, but as they get older it's shoes, clothes, make up, etc. So I guess I gotta wait until they move out to have my stuff back. Haha

Julie ZS said...

I too love puzzles. Wish I had a good table to leave one set up on all the time. Every now and then we do a super hard puzzle and just make different eating arrangements until it is done!
Quilting is definitely a great substitute for puzzles!

bagqueen said...

Yes I like puzzles but not 2000 piece with lots of grass sea and sky!! I like lots going on and I can finish it in a couple of evenings! Otherwise they just get in the way and end up going away before we're finished!!

Sherry from Alabama said...

Oh no, I fit the nerd requirements too! I love to read, I sew my own clothes, I love jigsaw puzzles AND I even make my own soap! Well, at least I'm a well-read, well-dressed, happily entertained, clean nerd. : ) Love the puzzle by the way.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Anonymous said...

My kids call me the "puzzle freak". I love Heronim puzzles. They are Charles Wysockyish but far less expensive. They still tease me about my rules. Have to put the border together FIRST then I work from the top down and if you're going to help you better do it my way! Ruth