Friday, April 23, 2010

I Fall To Pieces

My quilting lessons with Care of Obsessively Stitching continue with a lesson in in block assembly. Do I sound nervous? Because I sure was! Previously, this is as far as I'd ever gotten with a quilt. I'd start to sew the pieces together, nothing would match up, and I'd get discouraged/throw a tantrum/take a break and never pick it up again. Take your pick.

First, a question before I even began. What color thread are you supposed to use when the blocks are all different colors? The predominant color? White? Doesn't matter? I thought of my mom, who uses a beige thread with many different colors when she's making doll clothes. There's one particular shade she likes, because it blends in well. I figured I'd be safe using a neutral, but a cool neutral to go with my purples and pinks, so I used a light grey. I already had a nice, fat bobbin wound, too, which might have influenced my decision a tiny bit.

The first "ah ha" moment in the piecing tutorial came when I read these words: "Begin sewing again with your fabric right in front of your presser foot. The feed dogs will draw your squares under the presser foot and you can continue sewing." I don't have to raise and lower the foot every time? Revolutionary! Why didn't anyone ever tell me that before?

Oh, the shame. Despite my best efforts, a few of my blocks were just not coming out perfectly. I emailed Care to ask if this was going to be a problem. Thank GOODNESS she said no, I would be able to fudge it. I was blaming myself, figuring I screwed up when I was cutting, but she said, no, this sometimes happens due to...well, it's a long explanation. Maybe she'll chime in with the explanation or maybe not. I was just happy to hear that I am not as inept as I'd feared, and I wouldn't have to do it over!

Party time! This makes me want to sew one of those buntings you see EVERYWHERE on the blogs.
Boy howdy, did I feel a ridiculous sense of excitement when I started to see the fabrics and patterns coming together. I'm not always so good at doing things randomly, but sewing these strips and then making the blocks of nine wasn't a problem. I think the key here is, as Care said, loving all the fabrics you choose. I kept catching myself thinking things like, "Oh, yeah, that neat blue!" or "This zebra will really look punchy!" Seeing them start to combine and play off against each other was just so much fun!
And there's my pile, waiting for Block Assembly, Part Two. Will my luck hold out? What will happen when I have so many corners to line up? Will I crumble under the pressure? Come back soon for the next installment of First! Quilt! Ever!


Krista said...

Oh, it looks fabulous! And that zebra print DOES look punchy, I love your fabric choices.

Denise said...

Did you join the flickr group. I did and put my fabric pic up. Need to sew my squares together tonight. I think it is going to be scary when we have to cut them up...

KLS said...

That looks really good.
Your fabric selections are genius.

Is this going to be a throw or bed size?

Does Isabella like it?

Darling Petunia said...

Thanks, Krista! I wouldn't like it half as much without the zebra, I think!

Denise, I did join the group, but I haven't uploaded any pics yet. Procrastination is my middle name. Cutting them IS going to be stressful. Suppose we mess up?

KLS, thank you! It's going to be "crib sized" which means it's a throw. (NO BABIES, THANK YOU) Isabella hasn't really interacted wiht it yet. Maybe she's jealous? She'll probably wait until I finish it, then cough up a hairball on it.

Care said...

If Isabella is a true quilty cat, she'll wait until you have your blocks all painstakingly laid out on the floor exactly the way you like -- then take a running start and attempt to dive underneath the whole lot of them.

At least that's what MY kitty does....

I'm definitely loving that zebra print with the whole group -- it really makes it!

Scrap Kia said...

It looks great! I still haven't had a chance to cut mine yet. Too many projects to do.

Megan said...

I do really like your fabrics. I can't wait to see it all cut and pieced back together.