Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reading Is Cool

Hey, book lovers, have you ever heard of this?
An excuse to do nothing but read for 24 hours? And share about books with others? Sign me up!
(Full disclosure: I have to work for a few hours that day, but reading for less than 24 hours is allowed.)
You can read about the project at this site.
It isn't required, but I decided to try to raise some money while I'm at it. I found a worthy, reading-related project at and started it off with a small donation.
Here is a page about the project I am supporting. It's a teacher who would like to raise about $250 to buy beanbag chairs for her students to lounge in while they read. We all know that reading is best done while lounging! I chose this project because the school is located near where I grew up, and because I remember how much I loved the squishy chairs in our school library. There was also a giant chair shaped like a baseball mitt at the public library, and no visit was complete without visiting that chair!
If you'd like to join me in supporting this project, just visit the project page to make a donation. You can choose any amount--every little helps!

1 comment:

bagqueen said...

I've checked the site and would love to join in but I'm staying with a friend to celebrate her silver wedding!! I'm not sure sitting reading for 24 hrs constitutes celebrating with them! especially as she is not a reader at all!!

But I look forward to hearing reviews of you reads. x