Monday, April 5, 2010

Finished Five

I have fulfilled my pledge! Five skirts have been snatched from the jaws of the refashioning pile to start new lives as valued members of my wardrobe! I finished the hem of the pink of the grey skirt yesterday while visiting with my mom. I should invite her down whenever I have skirts to hem, because having her here to talk to made it a little less tedious. (I should confess--I wouldn't have objected if she had offered to sew the hem.)

The fifth skirt I worked on this week was this embellished khaki skirt from Target. When I bought it at the thrift shop, it was a wrinkled mess, just like the picture. I figured it just needed a good ironing, and it would be good to go. Wrong. The front pleat defied ironing. I think I wore it one time, then decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Since then, I've noticed this same skirt on the rack of many a thrift shop, so my theory is that everyone had the same experience. It's just a pain in the tush, this skirt!

My solution was to sew that front pleat closed. I lined up those stripes, zipped in a seam, and fixed the hem back up. If I turn the whole thing around and wear the seam in the back, it looks like it was meant to be!

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Krista said...

What a clever fix! Does having the pleat taken in hinder your movement at all? Also, is there a small chance we can see you in your new skirts? *bats eyes*