Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reading Yet?

It's starting! Hour One of the read-a-thon has arrived! To get us started, there is a little meme.
Where are you reading from today? Bucks County, PA.
3 facts about me:
1. I work at the library.
2. I am a lifelong vegetarian.
3. I have licked my cat.
(Random enough?)
How many books do you have in your to-be-read pile for the next 24 hours? There are five in the pile, but I doubt I'll read more than three. And there are probably more books waiting for me at the library!
Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon? I'd like to see my endeavor raise some money for this classroom so the kids will have fun, comfortable beanbags to lounge in while they read. On a personal level, I hope this will help cheer me up, as this is my last day working at the library where I've been for the past six years.


Cindy said...

Good luck!!! Have fun! Found ur blog, and now I'm following you!

Crystal said...

The licking your cat is definitely random enough! Good luck in your fundraising endeavor. Hope the read-a-thon does cheer you up!

Vasilly said...

I just saw your read-a-thon stack and it looks great! What is that licking your cat part about? LOL! Happy reading!

Somer said...

To the tune of Speed Racer...

Go book reader, go book reader, go book reader GOOOO! :-)

Hope you're having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes, that's random enough :)

Keep up the great reading!

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

Hope your reading is going well. Here's a little poem for you:
If I could have one wish,
I know what I would say.
Just give me my books,
And let me read all day.

Happy Reading.

--from your cheerleader, Margot

Kailana said...

lol @ licking your cat! That's pretty random! Happy reading!

Valerie said...

Hope the readathon is going well for you so far!

Bybee said...

What, did the cat miss a spot and you were helping?

Good luck and happy reading!

jehara said...

a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a page. . .
continue on to that final sigh of contentment
and then do it again. :)

Care said...

I hope the reading is going well!

:o( You are leaving your library? Are you changing locations?

STL Mom said...

So sorry about the library. I just donated at Donor Choose -- great project!