Monday, May 17, 2010


I used to wear Keds. Didn't everybody? I had white ones, navy, red, and pink (pink!). But then they fell out of fashion, along with high-waisted jeans and turtlenecks.

Next, I moved to Converse All Stars (and cheap knock offs as evidenced by my current blog header). They're comfortable, they wear well, and they've served me well. But...dare I say...I'm getting tired of seeing them on my feet.

I was so, so close to buying this pair of Superga sneaks last summer in Italy, but the store with the best price didn't have my size, and the store with my size had a terrible price. By the time I got home and looked on Zappos, I was having second thoughts about spending $69 on canvas shoes. Those coordinating laces, though. I do like those laces.

So I'm looking for other basic, simple sneaks, but I'm drawing a blank. Who else might have a lace up canvas shoe, available in size 11, and not too expensive? Or is it time to go back to Keds?


Crystal said...

Vans has some nice lace up shoes. You can buy them at pac sun.

Mary Ella said...

Try toms shoes, they have a few lace up options and they are super comfy!

2WeeMonsters said...

check out LandsEnd too. And don't forget the clearance section!

Diana said...

We have the same size feet!! :) I've heard good things about Simple Shoes.

I think LL Bean makes a similar style. (Don't forget LL Bean's lifetime return policy, so the price you pay may be worth it!)

I just got a pair of keds with Heather Ross' design imprinted on them at Zazzle. I got the slip-ons, but I think the lace-ups come in adult sizes, too.

Good luck with the shoe search!

Sherry from Alabama said...

Love this post!

I have an award over on my blog that I would love to pass on to you...CC from Lace 'n' Ribbon Roses passed it on to me.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Keen shoes??? They are the most awesome shoes and all that I wear, like, ever. Broken in comfort right out of the box. For summer they've come out with their canvas tennies in a Mary Jane style that is super cute :O) I happen to have a pair of suede lace-ups and I love them!


Anonymous said...

I never wore Keds. I wore Vans.
All thru' JHS, HS, & college. They were very comfy and super affordable. No idea if they sell them anywhere but SoCal. Good colors, too. :)


Sarah said...

I've worn Vans for ages. They're comfy, affordable, and come in fun colours. Vans and Keds are my two favourites.

kate said...

I love Skechers, and they do come in size 11. They have a line of the simple canvas shoes that you like, along with tonnes of other styles. They aren't too cheap, but if you catch a sale they aren't expensive either. And can I say, I bought a pair almost 3 years ago and they still have lots of wear left in them. Normally I wear shoes out in less than 2 years.

bagqueen said...

Hi, I'm not sure they fit your request for reasonable but I have just discovered Eco sneaks, they are made from recycled tyres and well grown organic canvas (I know they don't grow the canvas exactly!!) I haven't had a pair myself but I have found some cute leopard skin ones on simple shoes that are $50. I'm coveting them but can't find UK stockists so I'd love to see them on your feet!!

Love the quilt progress btw, Its looking great. your free motion quilting is much better than mine when I first had a go!!

Julie ZS said...

We have the same size feet! Isn't it hard sometimes to find shoes in our size? I have been loving the Keens that I just got, made out of woven rice bags. Hope you've found something you like by now!