Friday, May 21, 2010

Turbo Cool, Baby!

Had the day off today, so I psyched myself up for some FREE! MOTION! QUILTING! Everything went well until I ran out of bobbin thread. After that, it seemed like no matter what I did, I ended up with a rat's nest of thread or, as in this example, utter freakishness. After pulling out stiches seven or eight times, I finally dismantled everything, put in a new bobbin, a new needle, rethreaded the machine, and blew out the lint that'd accumulated. Then I took a deep breath IN--OUT and tried again. Something did the trick, because it was smooth sailing after that.
I keep wanting to draw hearts as I'm stitching. What other shapes could I work in there? A cat silhouette would be cute, but seeing as how I can't even draw one with a pencil, drawing one with the machine is probably out.

That's the last frontier! I am 11/14 of the way through it! And it's still rectangular! WooHoo!

I discovered one more tool that is absolutely essential to making a quilt: an air conditioner. Big thanks to my Ger Bear for quickly seeing to my comfort when I started complaining about my sweltering hot sewing room.
ALSO! Thanks for the sneaker suggestions! I actually have a pair of Simple sneaks, but I'm not a huge fan. I like the company's philosophy and everything, but the soles just aren't holding up very well. Disappointing, because they were pretty spendy. I'd never thought of Vans, but that's a great suggestion! I'm going to seek some out and try them on for size. Also, did anyone see the new British Prime Minister's wife rocking the Converse? Maybe I'll stick with them a little longer. :-)


Care said...

another attempt at commenting!
I've tried three times over the past few days and keep getting an error code!

I am super excited to see your finished quilt. You're on the home stretch! :o)

Scrap Kia said...

Hi there,
Kia from Green Chicken 31, I have found your blog inspirational and I'm giving you the Versatile Blog Award. Check it out if you want at