Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Dressed

The last time we were at the beach, I just took a tee shirt to pull on over my swimsuit. It was a regular tee, not a huge oversized version, and I found myself feeling really exposed walking through town dressed like that. With this in mind, I decided my next vacation sewing project needed to be a beach cover up.

[Fighting hard not to make a self-deprecating remark about my pale legs. I'm always bothered that people preach against the dangers of sun exposure, yet everyone seems to get some color in the summer.]

As usual, I dug out every pattern that might work. I had vintage styles, voluminous muumuus, sundresses, and wraps, but I couldn't seem to come up with a fabric/pattern combination I was happy with. Then Simplicity patterns went on sale, so I succumbed to the siren song of JoAnn's, and came home with Simplicity 2363 and Simplicity 2702. Both pull on over the head; both have pockets; and both use about 2.5 yards of fabric, which is generally the amount I buy when I'm just buying fabric with no particular project in mind.

Even though I never wear sleeveless, I thought the sleeveless version of 2702 would do as a cover up. Much rummaging later, I emerged with one of my prize lengths of fabric: a lightweight printed cotton brought back from India by a friend. (She is going to be so surprised--I finally used it!)

Commence pattern know, maybe sleeveless isn't such a good idea. Sure, it would be okay for the beach, but I'd get more versatility out of it if I added sleeves. Hmm...maybe I could even pair it with those pants I made and wear it as a kind of tunic. Versatility=good thing when packing for vacation.

This was a lovely pattern to sew. Unlike some other reviews I read, I didn't find the sizing to be off. I chose a size based on chest measurement, and I am happy with the fit there. I took about three inches off the bottom, because I thought that looked better with the pants, and I moved the ties down about an inch. I really like how the "bib" part in the front is made of two pieces. I usually have trouble getting that kind of neckline to work correctly. I don't know the official name for ithat, but you know the type: You're supposed to sew the V, then cut to the dot, etc. Mine always come out with a little pucker. This eliminates all that rigamarole entirely.

So this is going into the suitcase. I can wear it different ways, it packs light, and it dries quickly. It's a good thing. --wink--


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You're so tiny!

Penny (psmjaguar)

Darling Petunia said...

Geez, Penny, not really--I'm an Amazon! But thanks, I'll take it! :)

Wendy said...

What beautiful fabric! And the finished product is lovely. I love it when tops can be used in multiple ways. Would be cute for fall with some black leggings and a black cardigan too!

Krista said...

I never thought of making those V-neck things into two pieces, that's genius. Thanks for the great idea. I am in love with this tunic, it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!

Michelle said...

Fabulous dress/top! But I think I beat you in the "pale legs" department, really quite blinding! Meh, at least we'll age gracefully instead of being dried-up prunes, right? :)

Lavender Liz said...

I love it, Susan!! That's gorgeous fabric.

Allison said...

I am also a pale leg girl, but last year I discovered self-tanner and now can get that golden brown color that I yearned for all during my adolescence. I admit to laying in the sun, covered in baby oil :(
But, I used Nivea last year and Jergens this year and got nice, natural results.
I know it's vain, but I got tired of hearing how white my legs were.
Plus, I really liked the 2707 and will look for it at the store!

Christy (Columbia Lily) said...

well, it's totally cute and pale legs are Totally In.

P. said...

I heart this coverup/tunic! It looks great on you. And from one pale Amazon to another--long live pale!

I really like all the clothes you've made in the past several posts. I'm behind and trying to catch up on my blog reading.