Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Green, but the Grass Is Not

Black tee, Mossimo from Target
Skirt, refashioned thrift shop find
Necklace, Bijou Brigitte
Shoes, Dansko

Wow! I'm learing all sorts of things from this Self-Stitched September exercise! Note to self: Break your Wardrobe Refashion vow and BUY NEW BLACK TEES! Or wait...I guess I could try dying them. Maybe?

Anyway, today I went with a refashioned garment. Trust me on this--the embroidered skirt started out so much larger, I basically just used it as yardage. I went looking for it elsewhere on this blog, but it turns out I made it waaaay back in 2007, pre-blog!

It's not showing up too well on my monitor, but some of that embroidery is green, hence the green beads. I like how shiny and graphic, almost cartoony, they are.
And today at work, a little girl, maybe five years old, told me she liked them. What's that say about my style? hehe


julie k said...

Back in the day (when I was all punk rock), I regularly dyed my black clothing together to freshen them up. It was nice having blacks that matched.

Sherry from Alabama said...

Wow, another beautiful skirt! I'm so into skirts lately.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Garilyn said...

I have a faded black skirt. Never even thought of over dying it to make it darker! Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Great skirt! I like the necklace too, but then a child brought me some Mardi Gras beads once and I like the way they looked with a dress and wore them for a long time.

I have a faded pair of black jeans and several pairs of black pants and some t-shirts. Think I need to look on the RIT aisle.


Anonymous said...

Love the skirt! I had a similar experience with a thrifted skirt - was just going to "take it in a little" but by the time I'd unpicked the seams, pleats, etc there was almost enough fabric for two skirts.